About Tom Farrington MVB MRCVS VetMFHom

Tom Farrington is a qualified veterinary surgeon & homeopath who has been practicing for over 35 years having graduated from University College Dublin in 1981.

As an owner/operator of a mixed practice in Dublin from 1984, Tom has experience across a wide range of animal types, including exotics. Moving to Cork in 1998 focus shifted primarily to small animals, cats and dogs, however, being a country practice it wasn’t long before it began to encompass equine work and farm animals with a particularly emphasis on organic, free-range farms as well as work with the local wild life conservancy.

Over the last 25 years homeopathy and herbal medicines have come into focus and have become the main modality of Tom’s practice. In pursuit of holistic excellence and in response to customer demands other natural treatments are employed such as; acupressure, tissue salts, manipulation…all of which are fully integrated with conventional diagnostics and medicines where appropriate.

Nutrition and the removal of obstacles to cure are part of the bedrock of the practice’s approach.
A natural extension to practicing homeopathy was the use of herbals. A large percentage of homeopathics use herbs as the source materials for mother tinctures. Using varying degrees of dilutions to the original herbal tinctures, allows homeopaths to use many herbs that would otherwise be unsuitable for various reasons. Both herbals and homeopathic remedies have different advantages and often complementary. For example, in a weak heart the drug effect of the herbal can benefit the tissue and is accompanied by the nutrition required for its metabolism unlike conventional drugs, while the homeopathic can benefit the entire patient while having no chemical component requiring detoxification.

Zoocognopharamcy, in its current state, has for the most part been developed by Caroline Ingram in the UK. This is an understanding of how animals choose their own treatment be that herbs, oils, aromatherapy or supplement feeding. Owners and herdsmen have reported observing pets or animals under their care choosing to eat a particular food to treat what ails them. Tom has observed this many times over the years both with his own animals and those in his care. We have all seen dogs eating grass! In Zoocognopharamcy terms this would be an innate sense in the animal looking for herbs such as Cleavers (Galium Aprine) because they have a liver problem, or a horse choosing to eat Thistles (Milk Thistle – Carduus marianus) for the same condition. Cattle seeking out and licking stone to maintain calcium levels.

Tom is currently chief veterinary officer for HomeoPet, LLC and its sister herbal supplement company, Verde Pet Health, LLC in the US. Tom is also a consulting veterinarian with Honeys Real Dog Food in the UK.

What to Expect From Our Practice

Tailored to individual patients.

We offer a very wide range of services tailored to each individual patient.

Treatments are organic in nature.

Our services emphasize a natural holistic service that is environmentally friendly with as many treatments being organic in nature.

Similar Approach to Humans.

While the emphasis here is on veterinary Tom treats a substantial number of human patients for similar issues using similar approaches and methodologies.
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