Homeopathy works for travel anxiety

It was a question from a lady name Terri O’Callaghan, who wondered what I or Geoff Johnson thought of the current petition to prevent vets prescribing homeopathy that has brought me back to ensuring I found time amid treating patients etc. to share the results of the work I do and it was an email from a client that followed immediately on that which is the basis of this quick blog.. Firstly let me say that in just on 30 years of using homeopathy I have never seen a single animal die as the result of administering homeopathy in fact the exact reverse has been my experience many animals have gotten better safely, efficiently and gently. Who is better equipped to prescribe homeopathy than veterinarians with their vast knowledge of disease and who can recognize when an a patient needs urgent medical intervention for an underlying complaint that might best be dealt with by surgery. Now on to Travel Anxiety.

“Travel remedy worked brilliantly he slept the whole way home….a clever extremely sweet boy who is not fazed by anything…..his breeder raw feeds and no longer unnecessarily vaccinated, also allowed to run the hills in Italy…will call soon to arrange a visit ☺️ Amanda” (Amanda Marrow & Rollo)

The Travel Remedy was a complex remedy based around some of the common Travel sickness remedies Borax Cocculus Petroleum Tabacum with some remedies to reduce anxiety Avena Sativa, Passiflora, Scutellaria , Valeriana. The advantages are speed of response, safety, efficacy with out side effects, ease of administration, no drug interactions to worry about especially in as Rollo has demonstrated in his Journey across Europe to Ireland. Over the years Homeopathy has helped many pets horses and humans over come their travel sickness, yes homeopathy is a trans species treatment working much the same way on all patients!

There are many simple things that can be done to improve travel anxiety using a holistic approach:

  • start with putting the pet on floor of car or more particularly in the front foot well (which stops visual motion sickness as well as the pet can’t see out) and also is closest to the lowest point in car which moves least, training travel sick prone pets with extremely short journeys followed by a reward.
  • Gradually build up to longer journeys
  • use a little ginger in food (herbal)
  • keep from looking out the vehicle windows
  • give only a little food before traveling (also less cleaning!)
  • like humans there is an acupuncture/ acupressure point behind and above the carpus (the pet equivalent of the wrist) which can help reduce travel nausea and anxiety
  • Conventional medications
  • There are many ways of administering homeopathy .. as a tablet, as a powder, spray, in the pets food, water or simply diffuse it into the environment by putting on bedding, a bandanna.

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